Pass the Grass

High Hopes

While I was working as an independent contractor, I was approached by a friend-of-a-colleague who was looking for someone to digitize a board game that they had published in the '70s, but were updating for a more modern audience. I learned later that this board game was about facilitating a silly session of smoking marijuana. While that isn't one of my vices, I was looking for contract projects and the work was well within my wheelhouse.


The game had a fairly aggressive timeline for completion, as the re-release of the board game was already scheduled for a particular date in April. So even though we weren't able to realize the client's grandest visions for the digital version, I laid out a proposal to them of what could be accomplished by that deadline, and they were satisfied. I developed the game in Unity to facilitate easy deployments to both iOS and Android, the Apple App Store rejected our submission based on grounds of content. I worked with the client to try to amend the game to meet Apple's guidelines, but they ultimately decided that they did not want to compromise the product.