Game Jam Projects


Sportsball 31-01-2016

A simple card game with limited information

Dry Dock

Dry Dock 25-11-2015

Procedurally generated capital ship interiors

Dancing Master

Dancing Master 04-07-2015

Like QWOP in the Ballroom

Drunk Simon

Drunk Simon 08-10-2014

The classic game, updated with brutality

Escape From Zartron 7

Escape From Zartron 7 04-07-2014

Procedural Top-Down Shooter

Power Jacker Defense

Power Jacker Defense 05-06-2014

Tower Offense


ARE 21-01-2014

Meyers-Briggs...but more fun

Ghost Bird

Ghost Bird 10-11-2013

A trippy game about collecting stars

Night By Night

Night By Night 16-09-2013

Hot Potato Dancing

Pathei Mathos

Pathei Mathos 28-01-2012

The Dark Souls of Global Game Jam 2012