Yarr, Me Hearties!

Duel was an experiment I tried for a turn-based sidescrolling fighting game. Each player has a sword and a shield, and in each round they choose to swing each to cover either their head, torso, or legs. Shields were purely for blocking, but if a sword wasn’t stopped by the opponent’s sword or their shield, then damage would be done. Players have 10 life, and striking the head did 5 damage, the torso did 3 damage, and the legs did only one damage. However, striking the legs meant that the melee was pushed back a space. If you were pushed back 3 times, your character fell overboard, and you lost the game automatically. Ideally, it was meant to be a single-screen experience, but the control scheme seemed too confusing to continue developing. So it remains as an interesting prototype


The game is playable here. The music in the background is Dr. Octoroc’s chiptune version of Drunken Sailor.