Empire Millennium Wars

The player’s base is where they construct buildings, train troops, and perform research.

The Game

In Empire: Millennium Wars, you play the CEO of a corporation which extracts the resource Millennium from the surface of Mars, and deliver it to the Mars Trade Federation to send back to Earth. You must manage your own internal base, and grow your forces by recruiting, performing research, and training your hero’s skills. On the world map, players uncover veins of Millennium, which are visible to everyone in the game. Then, miners have to be sent out and gather the millennium, and once it’s safely back at base it can be shipped to the MTF spaceports for points. At any point, other players can send their forces to hit your marches, so it’s crucial to ship the precious cargo quickly. On the world map, players uncover and compete for veins of the super-resource Millennium.

The Tech

The game had a Unity client, but the server was written in Java, and used a MySQL database for relational data storage. Points are scored by bringing the millennium to special delivery spaceports.

My Role

For Millennium I was the First Server developer. In this position, I was not only writing code and developing features, but also interacting with the various other departments at Goodgame Studios, serving as a primary contact. I also had a limited leadership role which included no extra authority, but where I frequently acted in an advisory capacity to the game’s producer and studio head. There is extensive PvE and PvP gameplay as players battle for dominance.