Any Port In A Storm

When I started working for Cipher Prime as their lead developer, one of my first tasks was porting their existing games to Android. Fractal had done very well on iOS, and during my interview I’d expressed interest in bringing their games to the Google Play Store. The studio was still working on finishing up Splice, so I had a few weeks to port Fractal and Pulse. As the deadline got closer, though, a hurricane threatened Philadelphia. It didn’t look like it was going to do much damage to the city, but the rain would have made getting into the office impossible. So a day before the storm hit, I packed everything up and brought it home, and spent a few days listening to the rain and finishing the ports.


Fractal is a game about building “blooms”, collections of hexes with one central hex and a single additional hex in each direction. The player has a set number of moves, and can add new hexes to the board, pushing any other hexes out of the way. By choosing the correct location and direction of your “pushes”, you can create larger and larger blooms, which explode outward and create more blooms in a chain reaction.