Galaga Wars

The old-school galaga gameplay was unchanged

Classic Gameplay, Classy Presentation

Galaga Wars is a recreation of the classic arcade title for mobile platforms (iOS and Android). It combines the classic SHMUP gameplay with all-new enemies, powerups, and ships - even characters from different Bandai Namco games like Pac-Man and the Prince from Katamari Damacy! New fighters from different Bandai Namco games are playable

Re-capturing the fun

I inherited Galaga Wars as a legacy project. Taking it over as the sole developer, I was tasked with fixing bugs, adding some new content, and integrating SDKs for monetization and analytics. Due to the limited availability of other people at the company, I also handled more than just development. I interfaced directly with the client to make plans, triage issues, and provide support as needed. Galaga Wars also added large new bosses to contend with


Galaga Wars is available on: