Ghost Bird


Ghost Bird was made by Andrei Marks, Jackie Awesome, and myself for the 2013 Philadelphia Game Jam. The theme of that jam was “Ghosts of Video Games Past”. We decided that our game should require knowledge of older games (like Mario, Pac-Man, and Galaga), but be a completely difference experience.


You play as Ghost Bird, and your goal is to collect 100 stars. The stars are spawned throughout the “ghosts” of older games, and if you touch any part of that “ghost”, you lose all of your stars. You move around in 2D space with the WASD keys, and have a limited amount of slow-mo time, which is activiated by holding down the space bar.

My Contribution

My main part of this project were the “ghost games”. I created versions of Pac-Man and Galaga that played themselves and acted as obstacles. On the last day of the jam, I also created a vignette of classic Mario, which wasn’t nearly as dynamic or feature-rich as either of the other ghosts. We really wanted to have three different games represented, though, so it shipped. Ghost Bird is playable on my page