Intake was the largest game project I worked on at Cipher Prime. Oringially supposed to be a quick learning project, the team quickly decided to make it their next commercial title. The gameplay is relatively simple: pills fall from the sky in one color or another. Your cursor is also one color, although you can switch the color very quickly. If you shoot a pill and its color matches your cursor, you get points and build your combo. If the colors don’t match, your combo is broken. If any pills hit the bottom of the screen, you lose a life. Once all lives are gone, the game is over.


The original development of the game was only about six months, from the beginning of production to release on Steam. As the Lead Developer I was responsible for the most challenging aspects of the code, and ensuring the smooth operation of the game. Once the game had launched on Steam, I was immediately tasked with porting it to iOS. This was no small feat, because the game absolutely needed to run at 30FPS or higher, and the game’s luxurious visuals were originally made with no real care paid towards performance.