Mammoth Jockeys

A Mammoth Task

Through the Philly Dev Night events, I was introduced to someone who was looking to build a local multiplayer racing game about jockeys riding on emu-sized birds called “Mammoths”. He was an animator by trade, and had developed a series of assets used for a concept video, and wanted to use them in order to make an alpha version of the game in order to see if it was worth moving forward with.

Jammed Together

Given his goals and the volume of work already completed, we agreed to develop the alpha version of the game during two Saturday “game jam” sessions. I brought on an additional junior programmer to help with some of the more menial development tasks, leaving the client and I to work on the core gameplay. Overall, we had a product that was playable, and the client then took it around to several trade shows. I took a new permanent position not long after that, and never found out if the project progressed further.