A Test Of Skill

When I was interviewing at Goodgame Studios, I was given a relatively straightforward programming test: make a classic SHMUP in Unity. I had finished working on Jamestown+ not long before, so I had quite a bit of experience with SHMUPs and how to make them interesting. So, even though I had only a few days to turn the project around, I implemented the following features:

  • Predefined enemies that flew along custom paths
  • A “Story Mode”, with designed enemy spawns and a level-end boss
  • “Cinematic Camera” in the story mode that would speed or slow the scroll speed based on design
  • An “endless mode” where enemies would continually spawn as long as the player was alive
  • Several ship variants that fired and flew differently
  • Visible damage on the player ship as they got closer to death
  • Local high score boards for both game modes While I was very proud of my accomplishments, I also have to give credit to the art used. I made heavy use of the packs provided for free by Kenney to give the project a much more professional look. The game is not available for download, but the project itself is public on my github profile