Power Jacker Defense

Become What You Hate

Power Jacker Defense was my entry into the 2014 “Fuck This Jam”. The point of the jam is to make a game in a genre you dislike. The thought is that the developer may either gain an appreciation of a style of game they might have overlooked, or that they might create something that addresses their complaints, leading to something new and interesting. I decided that of all the genres I didn’t like, Tower Defense was one where I could actually execute a complete project in time. My biggest gripes with Tower Defense games were that they didn’t involve the player enough: most of the time it was a process of setting up your towers, and then watching to see if you had set them up correctly or not.

To the Defense

To that end, Power Jacker Defense’s goal was to have the player constantly moving. In the only level, the towers are already built and fixed, the player doesn’t have to do any construction or upgrading. However, the towers are battery-powered, and there are only 3 batteries in the whole level. Whenever a battery is plugged into the tower, power is drained, and if the power runs out, the tower stops working. So the player most constantly be swapping batteries in and out of towers, and returning them to their charging stations in order to refill them.

New Horizons

This project was particularly interesting for me, because it was the first time I tried my hand at 3D modeling more complicated objects and characters. I also included a multiplayer mode, which required supporting controllers as well as the keyboard and mouse. The game is available to play on my itch.io page