Warmage Battlegrounds

Bursting Forth

Warmage Battlegrounds was the first commerical title I ever worked on. It was a synchronous web game where players went into 1v1, 2v2, or AI matches but had only 5 different unit slots available. They could compose their forces up to a point limit, and controlled how many units were in each slot. There were also five Warmage Spell slots available, and three consumable slots that could also be configured before the battle. The intent was to build something between Clash Royale and Chess, with a relatively simple onboarding, but lots of nuance for pro-level players.

My Role

I was originally hired as a client-side development intern, working on the game client in Flash. However, due to our relatively small team size, I ended up working with almost every aspect of the game’s development: the server, database, and game design tools all needed to be updated for each new game feature. It was an interesting development strategy, developers had their obvious strong areas, but everyone had very wide-ranging knowledge of how all the parts of the game functioned. In the end, I left the project because I wanted to work more with Unity, and was given that opportunity by going to work with Cipher Prime. Unfortunately, Warmage Battlegrounds has not been available for a very long time now.