My Projects

Good Job!

Good Job! 26-03-2020

A Bumbling Employee Meets Office-Themed Puzzles. Hilarity Ensues.

Galaga Wars

Galaga Wars 16-07-2019

Classic Gameplay, Classy Presentation

Wasteland Workshop

Wasteland Workshop 02-12-2018

A web-based squad builder for Fallout Wasteland Warfare

Political Beasts

Political Beasts 27-07-2018

Out-fundraise your friends to win the election!

Empire Millennium Wars

Empire Millennium Wars 04-04-2017

Build, trade, and fight on Mars

Unite Europe 2016 Presentation

Unite Europe 2016 Presentation 01-06-2016

A presentation I gave about Procedural Content Generation


Sportsball 31-01-2016

A simple card game with limited information

Dry Dock

Dry Dock 25-11-2015

Procedurally generated capital ship interiors


Railblazer 07-10-2015

Handheld Infinite Train Tile-Placing

Unity Workshop

Unity Workshop 12-09-2015

Spreading knowledge further

TMNT: Battle For New York

TMNT: Battle For New York 27-07-2015

Minigame collection on a deadline


Moonshooters 16-07-2015


Dancing Master

Dancing Master 04-07-2015

Like QWOP in the Ballroom

Mammoth Jockeys

Mammoth Jockeys 28-04-2015

Local multiplayer giant bird racing

Pass the Grass

Pass the Grass 15-04-2015

Board game contractually made digital

Cool Dog Don't Care

Cool Dog Don't Care 31-03-2015

Inverse Frogger with a Bad Attitude


Jamestown+ 17-03-2015

Cooperative SHMUP on Mars


Splice 20-01-2015

Award-winning puzzle game, ported

Drag Race

Drag Race 14-10-2014

Pull-Back Toy Car Racing

Drunk Simon

Drunk Simon 08-10-2014

The classic game, updated with brutality

Escape From Zartron 7

Escape From Zartron 7 04-07-2014

Procedural Top-Down Shooter

Power Jacker Defense

Power Jacker Defense 05-06-2014

Tower Offense

Peruvian Chess

Peruvian Chess 04-02-2014

A digital reproduction


ARE 21-01-2014

Meyers-Briggs...but more fun


Duel 10-01-2014

Turn-based swashbuckling

Ghost Bird

Ghost Bird 10-11-2013

A trippy game about collecting stars


Intake 08-10-2013

Retrofuturistic Arcade Drugstep

Night By Night

Night By Night 16-09-2013

Hot Potato Dancing


Pulse 21-08-2013

Tapping to the beat


Fractal 21-08-2013

Make Blooms Not War

Shimsham: The Legend of Jazz Hands

Shimsham: The Legend of Jazz Hands 23-07-2013

Competitive gravity fighter


Hazi 25-12-2012

A family card game, digitized

Warmage Battlegrounds

Warmage Battlegrounds 14-02-2012

Online PvP Strategy Game

Pathei Mathos

Pathei Mathos 28-01-2012

The Dark Souls of Global Game Jam 2012

Return All Robots

Return All Robots 22-12-2010

Action Puzzling Madness